Do You Have the Right Software Development Team?

There are literally millions of programmers in the world. How do you know that the ones working on your software are doing a good job?

When things are going well, it's easy. If your customers are happy, your projects are on schedule, bugs are rare and quickly dealt with, and new features are being implemented in a timely manner, then chances are you've got a pretty good team.

But what if things aren't going well? What if you're getting tons of bug reports, and bugs are going unfixed for a long time? What if all your new feature requests take much, much longer than you expect? What if all of your projects are running behind schedule?

Your software team may be telling you that the features you're requesting are particularly difficult, or that the bugs being report are particularly hard to track down, or that external circumstances or lack of resources are putting them behind schedule. And the thing is, they may be right. This is one of the challenges of being a non-technical business owner or manager: "How do I tell the difference between 'our problems are difficult to solve' and 'our software developers are not good'?"

If you're not a programmer yourself (or if you've been out of the trenches and in management for a while), you may not feel qualified to judge the work of the programmers you've hired. Or you may simply feel more comfortable with an outside opinion. Either way, a code audit is an excellent way to determine whether you're in the "hard problems" camp or the "we hired the wrong people" camp.

And the answer might be somewhere in-between. A code audit can point your team in the direction of improving their code so that all of your problems become easier to solve. Whatever the situation ends up being, you can't make a decision until you have the information.

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